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MELINDA MCVADON- Co-Owner of Mojo Brand Magic


Melinda’s magic is in her story telling.   As an award-winning television news journalist for over 15 years, she has perfected the art of captivating audiences, keeping them engaged. From presidential campaigns to municipal budgets, to prize cattle and wild animal stories - Melinda finds the underlying messages that bring a story to life.

Melinda enjoys bringing surprising moments, intrigue, and thought-provoking ideas to others so they can visualize the next amazing moment in their own storyline. As a branding and marketing consultant she taps into the inherent and ingrained beliefs about who we each are, how we see our lives and businesses, and our natural connectedness to each other. She then sprinkles her magic pixie dust around in the form of ideas and information to create an experience that leaves people and teams amazed and inspired by what they can accomplish.

There is some magic in each of us. Showing business owners how to find and harness their uniqueness based on who they inherently are, and creating the stories to make their dreams come true is what makes Melinda’s world sparkle.

When she is not waving her magic wand over businesses she spends time loving on her family, traveling to magical places or reading or finding joy in attending concerts and performances.


She shares her wizardry with small businesses, corporations, individuals, associations, and even non-profits, then enjoys watching them integrate the magic and surpass their goals.  

Donna North- Co-Owner of Mojo Brand Magic


As a natural connector, Donna is known for bringing people together.   Through her work at both the City of Charlotte and United Way, Donna has created and led teams that transformed our community.  From securing seed money to begin the revitalization of the City’s Historic SouthEnd to launching a community-wide grant program for non-profits, Donna has the proven ability take a project from concept to results.


Donna’s “never say never” energy and enthusiasm magically excite and inspire others to new heights.  She loves engaging people in opportunities to break new ground and create lasting impact.  In her latest role as co-owner of Mojo Brand Magic, Donna relishes engaging people in conversations that reveal their Mojo and how it can take their businesses to another level.  

When she’s not creating magical brands, you can find Donna on the water in her bright orange kayak, tailgating at the Carolina Panthers games with her sons, serving as a crew member at vintage car races with her husband or cruising the countryside in their Model A Ford.


Archetype Audit


Did you know?

  • 81% of customers need to trust a brand before they buy it

  • 84% of customers say they buy a brand they feel an emotional connection to

  • Brand consistency can increase revenue by 10 - 20%


How do you develop that emotional connection and build that trust?   It starts with YOU – Infusing your Mojo will put the magic in your company brand to attract the customers you want.  Do you already have your Mojo in your brand?

Find out with our Archetype Audit - We will identify the personality in your brand and see if it reflects Your Mojo.


With our Archetype Audit you will discover:

  • The personality of your website

  • The elements that communicate your personality

  • How strong your archetype is in your current messaging

  • Some simple ways to infuse your Mojo and magically attract more prospects

Unlock Your Brand Magic


A powerful brand starts with YOU, the business owner.  People need and want your services, but they buy YOU.  In Unlock Your Brand Magic you will discover how to build a brand that harnesses your best asset-YOU and create that emotional connection that has people trust you over your competition.   You will develop that edge that has you stand out in the market and attract the customers most likely to buy. 

In Unlock Your Brand Magic you will:

  • Discover the power and magic of Archetypes and why they bring you more customers

  • Transform your brand into one that has you stand out from your competitors and improve your conversion rates 

  • Create your Archetype Brand Guide to develop the marketing consistency and clarity needed to build your successful brand

  • Find the key to marketing that is easier, more effective and more fun

Unlock Your Brand Reputation

Discovering  your Mojo is just the first step in creating the brand that will have your ideal prospects coming to you.  Why?  Because a brand is so much more than your images or logo or message.  Your brand is really what people say it is.  To earn the reputation you want, you must create the experience you want people to have whenever they encounter your brand.  Whether they experience  you through your website or social media, sales process or customer service, what they experience will determine what they say.


In Unlock Your Brand Reputation you will:

  • Put your mission and vision statement into action in your company

  • Identify and implement core values

  • Create a brand promise you can deliver consistently 

  • Determine your brand voice

  • Create the brand experience you want your customers talking about

Communicating Your Brand

Infusing your new Archetype brand into your website, social media and company culture can be daunting.  At Mojo Brand Magic we can partner with you, your designer and/or your social media manager to take the mystery out of having people find YOU in your brand.


 In Communicating Your Brand you will:

  • Have experts guide bringing your Archetype Brand to life through:

    • Clear communication of marketing style and messaging to marketing and leadership teams

    • Website Design consulting

    • Review of colors and images selected

    • Titles and headline review/editing

    • Page content and word bank selection review/editing.

    • Testimonial crafting

Are you an entrepreneur or small service business struggling to stand out from your competitors?  If so, you are not alone.   In today’s busy, crowded marketplace, it is not enough to have a snazzy logo and website.  People buy from brands that spark an emotional connection.  That’s where Mojo Brand Magic steps in.  We reveal YOUR natural magic, YOUR Mojo - the most powerful way to separate yourself from the crowd and attract more customers.  It all starts with knowing your Archetype.  Once you know it…you can harness your best asset---YOU.    Give yourself an edge today.

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Mojo Brand Magic...unleashing the magic in YOU.

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