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Mojo Brand Magic...The Magic you’ve been looking for!

What if the key to standing out from your competitors and helping you attract and keep clients you actually WANT to work with is something you already have?  YOU! 

We uncover your natural mojo, acting as a magic charm or magnet to bring you the clients that want YOU.  It’s not hocus-pocus. It’s the secret ingredient you have been looking for and is game-changing for your success. It all starts with uncovering that magical natural Mojo.  

Our quiz will reveal the magic you’ve been looking for...

Discover your Archetype. Your unique identity  and combination of traits, characteristics and attitudes that make you…YOU.  Once you have it, you will be unstoppable! 

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What our clients say:
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“The archetype strategy gave me the confidence to be myself (and talk like I talk) on my website, in emails and on social media.  The training I received has given me the green light to be the Maverick I am naturally.  Now I am attracting customers who want my style of coaching. I’m more effective in my communication and happier with my business.”

Kristin Clark College Planning Untangled

Jane Newell Loves Hero.jpg

“I have taken my experience and knowledge as a college professor into my business with great confidence and ease thanks to archetype branding….Knowing my archetypes are Lover, Nurturer, and Hero gave me the insight to create my company name, “Love’s Hero”, and to state my vision: “Imagine a world where everyone knows they are loved”…. ”

Dr. Jane Newell Love’s Hero, LLC

Jack Tompkins Profile Picture - Pineapple Consulting Firm.png

“Discovering my archetype was fun and useful.  It was short but really captured important aspects of me and showed me how I could let more of me show in my business.   I'm much more comfortable in my public speaking because of it!”  

Jack Tompkins Pineapple Consulting Firm

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Archetype?

A universal character that is recognizable across time, place, age, gender and cultures.  Examples: Hero, Rebel, Nurturer, Jester, Ruler…  



What is Archetype Brand Strategy?

Designing a brand personality that causes an immediate emotional connection with prospective clients - like a magnet.


How do I determine what Archetype to use for my company?

Start with our custom Archetype Quiz and begin to explore the identity you want for your company…then let’s chat!  We can help you define your Archetype and unleash your Mojo.


What areas of my company does my Archetype impact?

Your Archetype guides every area of your company:  from your business strategy to the look of your website, to your customer experience, to your marketing and messaging.


Does Archetype Branding work for small companies?

Yes, definitely! No matter the size of the business, from solopreneurs to multi-billion-dollar companies, most companies do reflect their owners, at least somewhat, and that is even more true of smaller businesses.

Archetype Brand Strategy lets you WOW with your Mojo, your natural expression, your personal magnetism to grow the business you want.


If Archetype Brand Strategy is so effective, why have I never heard of it? 

You have!  Maybe you just don’t recognize it. You see the result everyday - all around you.  From Coke, to Tesla, to Disney, to Irish Spring and even Burt’s Bees.

  • Coke is the Innocent – messaging conveys optimism, hope and harmony, making us feel that things really do go better with Coke.

  • BMW is the Ruler – With its messaging “the ultimate driving machine” BMW has created a brand persona of superiority, pride and power; drawing customers seeking the BEST.

  • Disney is the Magician – showcasing transformation, making us believe dreams can come true and anything is possible

Unleash the Magic in YOU

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